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Service Improvement Ideas

Based on technical analysis and the feedback you provided this past spring, the project team has developed service improvement ideas. They are available for your review and comments will be accepted through November 24, 2022.

We have several ways you can learn about the service improvement ideas and share your feedback:

  • Interactive maps. The interactive map platform features four maps: one with existing BCRTA bus routes, two with the new service ideas for the BCRTA system (Scenario 1 and Scenario 2), and one with a new idea for Cincinnati express service. You can toggle between these four maps by using the dropdown menu titled “Currently Viewing” in the upper left corner of the map interface.
    • Click here to view the interactive maps

  • Downloadable PDF maps. You can view static system maps of the current BCRTA bus routes and two new service improvement idea scenarios by downloading the PDF packet linked below.
  • Online and paper survey. Share your thoughts on the service improvement ideas by completing our survey.
    • Click here to take the online survey

If you prefer to fill out a paper survey, they are available on BCRTA buses. Complete the survey and return it to any BCRTA bus by Nov. 24.

Click the map to view and comment on the service improvement ideas. 

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These service improvement ideas are not final but are completely open for discussion. Your feedback on these ideas will help us develop recommendations for service improvements to be included in the Final Transit Plan.

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